Court Appointed Attorney Payment System


The Court Appointed Attorney Payment System (CAAPS) tracks the statewide/city court appointments of attorneys and other contractors. It works well with an agency responsible for a paying small number of attorney/contractors or a statewide agency responsible for paying many attorneys/contractors millions of dollars yearly. It handles all aspects of the appointment from entering the appointment to submitting payments to the attorneys and others associated with the case. 

What CAAPS Does

Provides Management Control


CAAPS allows you to have complete control over your billing process by setting maximum funds, rates and appropriate items to bill.

Budget Justification Support


With CAAPS's Graphics and Reports it is easier to support budget requests. You can demonstrate where the budget dollars are needed and how much is needed.

Creates Payment Files


CAAPS automates the invoice payment process by creating a file containing all payment requests that you have approved. This file can then be submitted to your payment department for processing.

Increases agency efficientcy


CAAPS allows you to do more with the staff that you have by automating the entire billing process. Instead of tediously entering contractor time information your staff can simply review and approve for payment.

Tracks budget expenditures


With CAAPS extensive reports you know the status of your budget -- what the money is being spent on, who is spending it and why. 

Allows bills to be entered 24/7


CAAPS is a web based system and allows access 2/7 except for routine monthly maintenance. This allows your contractors to enter their bills from anywhere. Likewise your staff may approve and submit payments anytime/anywhere.

With CAAPS's intuitive screen layout and its separation of contractor and staff functions, it is easy to navigate, fast and efficient. It provides clear and concise error checking and help messages.
You may create and apply classifications to contractors. For example a contractor may have classifications as an attorney and expert. You can then control what the contractor is able to bill based on their classification.
Rates are at the heart of most payment management systems and CAAPS is no exception. You make set default rates to cover all billing situations and you may have greater control by setting rates for individual controls or for a specific appointment/ project that a contractor is working on. This allows you to pay a seasoned attorney more than one fresh out of law school.
CAAPS contains an extensive report generation module. The module allows for the creation of reports with user entered selection criteria. The reports ranges from budgetary to administrative and allows you to examine the data on your system from many different view points.
CAAPS uses SSL encrypted connection to keep your data safe from prying eyes. Access is granted through a user account secured by a username and strong password. In addition, any rights must be specifically granted to access any of CAAPS screens and features.
As soon as they log in users see all their most important information in the dashboard. This provides the status of payments submitted, those approved, cases opened and much much more. Staff's dashboard provides an overview of all system activities. So at a glance you know where you stand with your budgets, who has outstanding payments, what needs to be approved etc.
You set the maximum amount of funding a contractor initial has. Once this is used they must request additional funding. You can then approve or deny such funding request.
One size does not fit all when it comes to software. With this in mind CAAPS allows the user to customize their screen layouts and display characteristics. All of which makes for a much nicer user experience.
When the time comes to research who made changes to a record CAAPS provides the answer. CAAPS logs all changes made to the primary tables, who made them and when they were made. This helps to solve the what happened questions and if needed to back out any changes made.

QCan CAAPS be customized?
The short answer is YES it can. In keeping with LawTech's philosophy that software should conform to a user's process and not the other way around, LawTech will make reasonable modification to ensure that CAAPS is the right payment management system for you.
QWill CAAPS work with my payment provider?
This totally depends on your payment provider's requirements. Having said that, usually modifications can be made to ensure campatibility.
QWill it work well in the latest version of popular web browsers?
CAAPS works well with the major browsers. When updates are made to CAAPS they are tested in the leading browsers to ensure compatibility. Of course if you have not updated your browser in 10 years, all bets are off.
QHow long will it take to be up and running?
Very subjective. It really depends on the extent of modifications that you want and your availability for training. Time can range from a couple of weeks to several months.
QWhat after sales support do you offer?
 No one matches our support. LawTech offers several levels of support agreements and our support is personal. You need help, we will be there.